Floor Care, Steam Cleaning, Waxing and Maintenance

The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Floor

Maintaining a clean floor increases the appearance of your office or industrial facility which is appealing to your clients your staff and your suppliers. All Seasons Janitorial understands that proper floor cleaning maintenance schedules are an important safety factor necessary to reduce slip and fall hazards and also increases indoor air   quality. In addition, proper floor cleaning maintenance reduces grit and soils that can wear out floor coatings more quickly than if a proper floor cleaning schedule is put in place.

Why floor polishing is so important


Thai people cleaning black granite floor with machine and chemical

Thai people cleaning black granite floor with machine and chemical

A well-maintained floor will reduce your overall operational costs over the long run by reducing wear and tear on your floor surfaces. A newly installed floor is handled with different care and treatments than flooring which has installed for years. All Seasons Janitorial use effective floor polishing equipment and techniques to guarantee a top quality finish that restores the look of your older floors, while keep the look of your new floor installations. There are three major reasons for polishing and finishing the floor are to protect the flooring from premature wear by providing a protective coating. The second reason to polish the flooring is to increase the appearance of the floor, which when properly done, really welcomes your guests and customers. The third reason to polish the flooring is to decrease maintenance costs. A well polished floor is easier to maintain, which decreases the amount of time and resources required to clean the floor.

Floor Stripping

floor3All Seasons Janitorial offers floor stripping services, which is the process of removing or stripping down the top coating of the floor finishing, to bring up the shine of the undercoating. After this process has been completed, a new sealing, floor polish and/or floor waxing will be applied to ensure that your floor is protected. When sealing the flooring, there are sometimes two coats required, depending on the amount of foot traffic the area receives. It is important to determine the exact requirements to avoid having to strip and reseal the flooring again too soon. For high traffic areas, All Seasons Janitorial recommends using a double coat of floor sealant to properly protect your flooring.